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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in meeting with you and learning more about what services Cornerstone Wealth Planning offers. How would I set up an appointment?

You may call our office at 207-376-3160 to schedule your first meeting or you may email us at We offer a complimentary initial meeting.

What should I expect at my first meeting?

We can discuss any financial questions you may have regarding your current financial situation. We will suggest that you bring particular financial documents and information to your initial meeting. We will discuss your current needs and determine how our services might meet those needs.

How are you compensated?

Our compensation depends upon the type of account or service you would like us to provide:

Asset Management Fee: This is our preferred way for Investment Management and most popular among our clients. Fee-based Asset Management allows you and our team to share a common goal—to grow the value of your assets. A long-term approach to investing, fee-based asset management ties our compensation directly to the performance of your account. Instead of commissions, you and your advisor concentrate on what matters most—building an investment portfolio designed to help address your specific needs.

Commission only: This is generally used on an account that is not eligible for fee-based asset management such as 529 plans or small accounts that do not meet the minimum investment for fee-based asset management.

Hourly Consulting: Our Financial plans are done on an hourly basis. We can estimate the cost at our first meeting. Most plans can be completed in 5-10 hours; however complex plans can take longer.

How do your clients find you?

Many of our clients are recommended by our existing clients. Other prospective clients find us through our community involvement as well as those individuals that are searching for a Certified Financial Planner™.